Crew Nusa Dewata Surf

The Crew

Simon Dale and wife Siti purchased the Nusa Dewata in  2006 after being a part owner since 2002. Simon has worked as a cray fisherman in Western Australia as well as diving on oilfield rigs in SE Asia in the early 1980s.

He then moved on to delivering yachts around the world for a number of years experiencing just about every possible situation the seven seas could throw at him.

He has surfed extensively in Indonesia since 1979 and around the Mentawai Islands since 1994. He has a fair amount of  medical training and will be happy to “stitch you up” or bury you at sea if the occasion arises at no extra expense.

Chartering the Nusa Dewata is the best job in the world for him, and with his vast experience he will endeavour to maintain the solid reputation that the Nusa Dewata has held in the archipelago for the last 22 years for finding those “Empty Lineups” which in this day & age most punters crave.

Siti is the backbone of the whole operation & is in charge of shore management & everything else which is connected to constantly keeping the boat supplied and maintained to the upmost of standards. She has been doing this for 12 years now and it is no easy feat. To accomplish this in Indonesia is like continually opening a never ending can of worms.

Our awesome crew consists of Martin (Captain), Andi (Chef),  Riva (Engineer) & Karri (1st mate)